Swami Saradananda

International yoga and meditation teacher, author and mentor


Loving greetings

I'm Swami Saradananda and welcome to the Flying Mountain Yoga (my) website. 

Flying Mountain Yoga is my attempt to bring the Wisdom of the Himalayas to you. These are ancient teachings for a modern lifestyle. My goal is to inspire you to want to practise yoga and meditation. I try to make my classes and books practical as well as theoretical in nature. I hope you will find them enlightening and inspiring! 

I was born in New York, live in London, have an Indian name and my grandmother was Polish. Having lived and worked in India, England, U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Spain and the Bahamas, I am currently based in London, which can easily be confused with Mumbai if you arrive at Heathrow airport at 5am – or wander into Southall.

For more than 26 years I worked with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and ran yoga centres in New York, London, New Delhi and the Himalayas. In addition to teaching yoga, I've also worked as a spice merchant, magazine editor, olive picker, cookbook writer and pilgrimage leader. Now I teach and write about yoga - and occasionaly guide people around India. A devout vegetarian and coffee fan, I do manage to make the transition to tea when in India.

I'm the author of a number of books, including "The Power of Breath", "Chakra Meditation", "The Essential Guide to Chakras", "Yoga Mind and Body", "Relax and Unwind with Yoga" and my most recent book "Mudras for Modern Life".  I also have my own blog and write for Elephant Journal and Watkins Publishing.

After returning from an extended period of personal practice in the Himalayas, I was the “author in residence” at the Peacemaker Community in Western Massachusetts, then went on to be the spiritual director of Haus Yoga Vidya, just outside of Cologne, Germany. For the past few years, I theoretically live in London, but spend several months each year either teaching in Germany or wandering around India and visiting friends.

I call myself a 'free-lance yogi'. Perhaps I inherited some of my wandering impulses from my teacher Swami Vishnu-devananda, who was known as the "flying swami' - mainly because he had a pilot's license and used it to promote world peace as well as inner peace.